A complete online training manual with YOUR supplies will change the way you train

A complete online training manual with YOUR supplies will change the way you train because it eradicates many of the logistical challenges related to targeted training.

Anything you read about training will state that overkill of knowledge is, indeed, deadly.  I have talked to many users of the CORE Training videos over the years that have shown all 5 modules to a cleaner before they ever start cleaning.  When I asked them why they would do that their response was “I know it is not the best but I have them in the office and I do not want to waste the time and scheduling to bring them in 2 more times.”  That is a challenge and I get that challenge.  I certainly don’t have to explain that challenge to you.  Most owners just decide it is easier to have the trainee study all 3 areas at once and expect them to them to remember the differences between the 3 areas when they actually start cleaning.   That, of course, does not work and eventually the DVDs are sitting on the shelf gathering dust and you are taking quality complaints for cleaners who are already running overtime.

I have to ask you: Do you think you were making their cleaning training more difficult and stressful than it needed to be because you were, or still are, trying to to teach them too much at once?  If your answer is possibly or even probably then you owe it to your cleaners to take a look at an online training system which House Cleaners Training is, allowing your cleaners to study one area at night on their cell phone and then you can train them that area the next day.  No need to bring them in the office at all, really, for in office training.  Change it to in home training. 

I guarantee you focused training will deliver a quality and efficient cleaner cleaning all 3 areas in 3 days–5 star—versus delivering an average cleaner in all 3 areas after the 5-10 days of training that most offices are performing now.  Even if you teach the 3 areas individually but teach everything in the field, with no pre-field training., you will lose process and consistency. Your new hires will miss things, have a high level of breakage and damage  and go over time.

Next time I will explain the advantage of online training when you are REALLY in a bind and need someone ready to go tomorrow morning.