All $5M+ companies are documented in EVERY area You cannot ‘wing it’ and generate $5M

Are your cleaning processes and procedures documented?

A detailed cleaning procedural manual is a key business tool for any organization that is very useful if the data is correct and it is consistently implemented. For example, have you ever had a trainer leave their job and you are suddenly pulled out in the field to do 1 to 3 days of training? And who is doing your ‘owner responsibilities’ during this time?? No advertising, selling, scheduling, hiring or customer service is going on while you are training.

And the vicious cycle begins. Now you need clients. Document what you teach in the home and let the trainee learn it by reading it while you are doing owner work, Then go out in the field for 1 job and watch them, correcting only where needed.

In addition to saving training time a documented cleaning procedure manual reduces mistakes and improves employee efficiency. Formalizing cleaning procedures may seem like a large undertaking, but it is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that these procedures are not set in stone, but rather are dynamic and must be updated from time to time as changes are needed. That is why House Cleaners Training Kit is an on-line editable cleaning manual. Try it out for 5 days with our 5 day trial. Return to home page and scroll down 1 page.