Can you ADD 2 repeat clients per week in 2022 Can you KEEP them?

I talk to a lot of owners every week who easily sell 2 repeat clients every week but at the end of the year they have the same amount of repeat clients they had the year before yet they say their cleaning quality is not a problem.

I had my company for 20 years. My goal was always 1 repeat client per week. At the end of 20 years I had 754 repeat clients. I only made my goal 75% of the time but my 20th year generated $1.98M in 2008. How are you doing? If you have been in business for 5 years do you have 250 repeat clients?

In my defense of only 754 repeat clients there was no Facebook, Twitter or even google add words in 2008. That being said, even though I did not attain 1 repeat client per week if I was goal setting today I would clearly set a goal of 2 repeat clients per week and probably hit it 75% of the time. Where are you at? Again, if you have been in business for 5 years, at 2 repeat clients per week, do you have 500 repeat clients today? If not, why not.

I will explore some reasons for low repeat client counts in the next few newsletters. If you would like to hear more today listen to some short clips from my convention speech “Where have all the repeat clients gone?”. It was taped at year end 2017 so you could say Covid took them and that could be a valid statement. Or did they use covid as a reason to leave and someone else is cleaning them now? Many reasons for low repeat client count have not changed since 2017.

There is no faster way to grow or easier business to run than driving your business toward a repeat client count. What is driving yours?