Charge no first time in fee and win every bid

That’s how I bought repeat clients and it worked. I had 754 repeat clients in 2008

Repeat Clients were my company’s mission, vision and sole focus. I would do just about anything to acquire a repeat client including not charging a first time in fee. Any money I lost the first time in (which was very little) I considered advertising cost which is the same as buying clients if you can find them to buy. I had 754 repeat clients in 2008 and this is a large part of how I did that.

The basic concept is you charge no first time in charge and you do no deep cleaning tasks. Just a basic clean. Our repeat service included one additional task with each visit, starting at the second visit, for weekly and biweekly clients. We explained to them that we could do a deep clean the first time for an additional charge but if they liked they could just wait for all of the tasks to be completed and their home would be deep cleaned in the 6 visits it takes to get through the 6 tasks at no additional cost. The 6 tasks were clean outside kitchen cabinets, clean outside bathroom cabinets, spot clean inside refrigerator, wet wipe window sills, door facings and frames and wet wipe baseboards (It takes two visits to complete the wet wiping of the baseboards because it is a large task).  When we got through these we would start them all over again. Ironically, our houses were probably not near as clean after our first visit as our competitor’s homes were but they were considerably cleaner than our competitors in 6 months. Again, that is how we got to 754 repeat clients. Another irony is, you give away your competitors strong net on the first visit but in 8 months your net will exceed your competitors by whatever your advertising cost is and you can spend that money on your cleaners.

The key to this sales strategy for growth is you have to keep the client. If you lose them after the first clean, or it takes forever for your cleaners to clean them, this is not a good idea for you. You will make more money charging a lot, by the hour, the first time in. If you are looking for rapid growth coupled with consistent revenue, clients and cleaners you might want to listen to a detailed explanation of how this program works and then return to the home page and order the 5 day free trial to learn how to clean a home accurately and efficiently.