Pretraining like pretreating makes the hardest job easier

Difficult cleaning jobs like a very dirty shower or stove top can be cleaned without pretreating but I would submit most of us would agree those jobs are a lot faster and the quality is a lot better if we use some kind of pretreating product and give it adequate dwell time.

Training cleaning is no different. Teaching someone how to clean a house will be a lot faster and the quality will be a lot better if we use some kind of pretraining system that allows a new cleaner to see and read about what they are about to do. If we provide that and give them adequate time to let it soak in can you imagine how much easier a trainer’s job would be? How much faster they can explain products, tools and actions and perhaps they won’t even need to do that at all. Your trainee has heard and read all of this before. Perhaps all you trainee will need to do is watch them. At worst case, retention will be faster because the home is not the first time a trainee is hearing what your trainer is telling them, especially an experienced cleaner. And can youimagine how much easier it is for the trainee to retain which product and tool to use on what when it is not the first time they hear it? Email them YOUR training kit as the first step in their orientation before they even come to your office to begin HR orientation and see what happens. What have you got to lose?

But FIRST be sure to edit all manuals and quizzes to match your products and tools. Your ‘How to Guide’ has to be accurate and detailed.

Why not let us help you with that? Use our template and edit it to create your company’s very own on-line detailed ‘How to Clean a Home Guide’. Return to home page and scroll to 5 day free trial and see what your residential cleaning trainees will see.