This door will cost you a repeat client and a cleaner. When do you teach your cleaners to clean the bath door?

Granted, this was the dirtiest door I saw in the 56 offices I trained in but there was not an office that did not have dirty doors and light switches in the bathrooms. Why? Because their bathroom cleaning process, if they had one, never started at the door. That was just something the cleaner was supposed to remember to clean sometime while cleaning the bathroom.

If there is no recipe to follow and you are just trying to remember the ingredients there is a good possibility you will forget the vanilla in the frosting which changes the outcome of the recipe. The cake is really good but not the great it could if you had followed a recipe and not forgotten the vanilla. It is the same thing with bathroom cleaning. You can leave sparkling counter tops and showers but if the door or light switch are dirty it changes the outcome of the level of satisfaction with the client. “It’s fine. Most things are great and good cleaners are hard to find.” so they may not cancel but they will not refer and as soon as they hear from someone about another great cleaning service they will switch. They’ll tell you it is financial reasons or now they can use covid reasons but the real reason is they feel they can get a better value for their dollar somewhere else because something is missing with your company. Chances are they will probably have dirty doors again after the initial deep cleaning and will someday also leave that company because “The cleaners just aren’t as good as they used to be.” And so the service hopping continues. Following a clear and detailed process will stop that hop.

And where is the cleaner in all of this? Frustrated perhaps? “I try as hard as I can to not forget anything but there is a lot to remember and if I forget one thing the client and my boss are yelling at me.” A few months of that and they are gone. Can you blame them? They have a job that no one has ever taught them how to do perfectly.

There is a lot to remember but it is not hard when you have a process. I have spent 14 years listening to owners (without cleaning processes) tell me it is impossible to clean a home perfect much less every time. They are correct. Without a process you cannot clean a home perfect every time. With a cleaning process you can clean a home perfect every time.

We had 754 repeat clients in 2008 and cleaned 95 homes per day. We did a lot of perfect cleans. We had a great process which I believe in the past 14 years of consulting cleaning I have turned into a perfect process.

When should doors be cleaned in bathrooms? In Step 6 the wiping and shining trip when you start with the door. (Do not say ‘at’ the door because they will start with the light switch. You must say ‘with’ the door. lol)

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