What is a bath cleaning process and how do you teach it?

A defined process allows you to perform routine work more accurately and efficiently, reducing the time required for routine tasks.   Cleaning a regularly used bathroom takes 7-8 steps, depending upon how often it is used and cleaned.  There is an order to those steps that makes common sense.  i.e. You do not want to pretreat dry sinks, tubs and showers that have hair in them before vacuuming out the  hair.  It will take a lot of extra time dealing with hair sticking and unsticking to cleaning cloths during the entire cleaning process.  Just get rid of it right away. 

Following a defined pattern will do more than just add efficiency, it will also add quality.  The 6th step starts at the door which is generally missed because cleaners do not see anything before the large mirror and sinks.  Pictures in baths are also often missed if the cleaner is not following a process that does more than define the 8 steps but also defines the order to clean items within that step.

Teaching the cleaning steps is another challenge.  It should be thoroughly taught to and memorized by the cleaner before the cleaner ever picks up a cleaning cloth.  Once they pick up a cleaning cloth the cleaner has other things to learn like which product, tool and action to use when cleaning the item they have come to in their process.  If you wait until the cleaner is in the home to show them what to clean two things will happen.  There will be a ton of interruptions  in the process and they will find it hard to translate the process they learned in that bath to the next bath which will probably have a different floor plan.  A clearly defined cleaning process will work in any bathroom and not confuse the new inexperienced cleaner.

The House Cleaners Training Kit uses a bathroom sketch and circles to define the eight  steps and the cleaning process in each of the eight steps.  You can see a small sample here or return to home page and request a 5 day trial period and view the entire process on-line.