What is a repeat client really worth?

It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out a bi-weekly client paying $150/visit is worth $3900/year. Yet so much time, money and energy is spent on the first time/one time client. I read and hear a lot about the one time $800, $1000, etc jobs and how to clean them to make the client happy. Very little time, money and energy is spent on the repeat client. I read very little about the $3900 repeat client and even less analyzing and discussing the actual cleaning process for keeping a repeat client happy. And $3900 is not the only benefit of a repeat client.

14 reasons why you want to drive your company toward a repeat client base besides $3900:

  • Reason #14-Reduction in theft suspicions especially if same teams are utilized
  • Reason #13-More referrals from clients who know and trust you. Same 17 rule true for referrals as sales. (The 17 rule states that a person must see and hear your name 17 times before they will actually call you to get a quote)
  • Reason #12-Reduces travel and frustration time for employees when they are lost
  • Reason #11-Free of any future advertising costs. All future gross revenue minus delivery costs can go directly to the bottom line because there will be no more marketing expenses to acquire this gross revenue
  • Reason #10-Cleaners know the pets names and their habits
  • Reason #9-Large holiday tips can keep your employees working during very busy and needy times
  • Reason #8-Tips in general are better for your cleaners with repeat clients which ultimately helps to lower turnover in your cleaning staff
  • Reason #7-It is physically much easier for Cleaners because the homes are cleaner when cleaned on a repeat basis  which again helps with the cleaner attrition rate. It also helps with Worker’s Comp. claims because of familiarity and less wear and tear on the body in repeat homes.
  • Reason #6-Repeat clients offer revenue consistency. There is no need to run your office with the same pressure that a retail store person has. They don’t know how many people are going to walk into the shop every day and when you run a one time cleaning business neither do you. Keep your repeat clients and you have a guaranteed number of clients to which extra traffic is just icing on the cake.
  • Reason #5-Familiarity breeds efficiency. Your cleaners know the location of the keys, how to use the alarm, where the laundry room is and any special needs this client may complain about. There is very little ‘down time’ so efficiency improves along with profits
  • Reason #4-A repeat client is more forgiving. When mistakes happen, in many instances, they’ll say just get it next time but don’t miss it again. With a one time you have to go back and fix it because there is no next time.
  • Reason #3-There is virtually no admin cost. No time needed to sell it, install it, schedule it, set it up for billing, etc.
  • Reason #2-You usually get access to a repeat clients home. You don’t have to wait on them because they want to meet you, or worse, b there while you clean. Or the forgot to leave the key, etc. You’ve been there.
  • Reason #1-This is not an easy business to run. Repeat clients will keep you sane long enough to earn the money you want and deserve until you sell and you’ll definitely get a lot more money when you sell it so you can sell it sooner (if you want).