What is inside of the House Cleaners Training Kit that you need and cannot get anywhere else?

#1 Speed of training.  Get them trained fast so they are cleaning fast.  Weed out those that do not like cleaning BEFORE they cost you more money than necessary.

Why is it so fast?  It is created on the basic principle of KISS.  Probably no longer politically correct but it stands for KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID., meaning do not be unwise and overeducate.  They can only comprehend so much anyway, so why teach them more than they are going to use their first day?  Training is ongoing, isn’t it?  Teach them more AFTER they have the basics. 

In less than 2-4 hours, dependent upon experience and comprehension level, every new hire will know every product to pick from your caddy to clean everything in a bathroom, or a kitchen or how to long and short dust in a regular home in the area they have studied..  They will know which tool you use in your company to clean each item and area.  They will know where to start and what to clean next.  No need to tell or show them. Just watch them in amazement and correct the few mistakes they may make. 

Your new hire will love it too.  If you have hired the right employee for this job they want to get moving.  They do not want to spend days reading a 100+ page manual.

How is this accomplished?  Take a look at our manual tomorrow when I explain how our manual becomes your manual.