Why prepare an apron before you need it?

Some cleaners and owners do not use aprons because they think “It just gets in the way.” Actually, that could be true. An apron is not needed to clean a bath until step 5. Scrubbing requires a small tile brush a lot that should be kept in the apron so it is handy. It needs to be used for every fixture that looks dirty OR clean. By the time they look dirty it is usually too late to save them (and the repeat client).

If it is the first bathroom being cleaned in the home the apron could actually stay on top of the bucket until Step 5. My cleaners put them on at the car when they arrived at the home, making it one less thing they had to carry into the home. They always kept their tile toothbrush and scraper in it. They would prepare it with cleaning cloths, etc. when they dropped their carrying caddy off at the toilet at the close of Step 5. At the close of Step 6 all towels will be used and in the carrying caddy and the disinfectant cleaner will be put back in the caddy as well. The cleaners left the apron on, with the damp scrubbing pad in a pocket, for the floors in case they ran into something sticky.

Preparing an apron with cleaning cloths and bottles will get in the way while gathering trash, rugs, long dusting and pre-treating. It will keep clothing from being damaged by pre-treatment chemicals, however, especially a bib apron whic, FYI you can special order from us. Just email or text/call sltinberg@housecleanerstraining.com 512-964-9750

Used effectively in a bathroom an apron can cut cleaning time by 5-10% and improve quality by 15-20%. (Just cleaning the door facings and frames or using the tile brush for fixture connections will give you that!) It’s all about process. Teaching and using the most efficient process. House Cleaners Training Kit has 1000s of hours of research and testing behind it’s process and is ready to use on-line. Why not return to our home page and try it out with our 5 day free trial?